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Lammpsfe - user interface for LAMMPS


Lammpsfe - stands for LAMMPS frontend. It is a user interface specifically created for Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator (LAMMPS).

LAMMPS is GPL science software that has been developed for many years at Sandia National Lab, USA and implements most of the cutting-edge science methods in area of atomistic/molecular dynamic simulation. It is in active use by many researchers around the world and it contains the most extensive collection of interatomic potentials. Computational methods that are implemented for those potentials are, without any doubt, the most advanced frontiers of modern computational science.  Results produced with the help of LAMMPS have already established prominent publication record in scientific journals.

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LAMMPS input interface is implemented through input script, each line of the script contains a command with various arguments. Output of LAMMPS run is usually represented as text file with all coordinates (and other physical quantities) per time step (or iteration). Given the impressive functionality and flexibility of LAMMPS, the total set of LAMMPS commands with all possible arguments combination is quite large.

Lammpsfe is user interface specifically created for LAMMPS. Lammpsfe consists of GUI for creating LAMMPS input scripts and MDViewer (3D viewer+ movie maker) for LAMMPS output visualization. It runs on Linux, Mac, Windows. The MDViewer, which is based on the latest OpenGL-technology, includes such capabilities as viewing several millions of atoms as well as looking at LAMMPS trajectories with changing numbers of atoms/molecules.

Over 100 (hundred) Interatomic Potentials are supported by Lammpsfe!

Lammpsfe combines GUI + 3D viewer + movie maker for LAMMPS.

  • Lammpsfe GUI


    • Encapsulates writing the LAMMPS input script through sets of GUI functionality like drop-down menu, combo boxes, tree model view etc..  
  • Lammpsfe 3D Viewer


    • Shows the results produced by LAMMPS run (LAMMPS trajectory) in 3D viewer 
  • Lammpsfe movie maker


    • Provides movie-maker to record video results with the push of a button
  • Lammpsfe examples


      • Comes with a set of ready-to-run examples - just load and run!


      • The examples may serve as templates for creating different simulations or presentation, teaching material

Lammpsfe examples and demos are available here.

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We provide many examples of how to use our product for demonstration and convenience. The examples may serve as templates for creating different simulations, and free to use and modify for registered users. Access demos even by iPhone from our cross-platform website. Check back for updates.

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